Tuesday, July 25, 2017


During studying I had an inspiration with the Universe. I graduated from the theme "The elements of Gothic architecture in textile and fashion". Always with text I elaborate all my inspiration.
The Universe and Gothic have mystical elements in themselves. After the scholastic period, in the Gothic period science is trying to explain many of the themes in the spirit of their time,  art have big progress that has manifested also in architecture. It is interesting to study how science and religion affect the visual identity of time. Gothic is characterized by a "horror vacui" - a fear of empty space that can be explained as a richness of spirit . From this become all my inspiration - the richness of spirit! The richness of spirit leads me through life, it is the essence of life. I've done a lot of topics and cycles, commenting with my art works of current social theme, without words, just colors and composition and tactility. That is a challenge. Ecology is always present in everything I do. Peoples has devastated this wonderful Planet on a lot levels, and at this time that experiencing have culmination more intensive then ever.

Ecology and celebration of life are my inspiration. Life is energy in constant motion. I'm trying to visualize it. From where energy coming? What is beginning? What is shape of energy? That is a mystery! We are part of the Universe of that infinite space in which time and events have a different meaning..ah ... now it's hard for me to continue writing on English. I have to simplify the expression for translation and all lose meaning, but I hope that I have been able to explain what created my visual expression and artistic opus. I did not mention one quite personal experience. One event from the past has shaped my artistic expression. My inspirations are complex, they have an interaction. There is lot of idea what I want to create. I feel lot of energy in myself, lot of inspirations.

When I'm working with a torch then I most feel the energy of creation. Working in metal is what drives me creatively all the stronger and stronger. I pause only when I get tired, just to refresh and continue. Something like a perpetuum mobile ;) ... but of course, now I have a lot of orders and dead lines, it is necessary to take time to enjoy life after work :)

This pendants represent my inspiration with Universe...sometimes I fantasize about traveling to which it is impossible to go ... about the land to which it is impossible to put foots and run ... where the air is impossible to breathe .... it is enough to look up and enjoy the view of the vastness of the night sky and the countless stars .... this is sculptural jewelry inspired by cosmic dust, clouds, stars and endless space ! *-*

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