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solo exhibition", 2010.,„…about wind, flying and movement!“

   My solo exhibition from 2010. now is on You Tube - finally :) „…about wind, flying and movement!“. Female wall relief with digital art on the background.

Finally I put on You Tube art works of an solo exhibition "... about wind, flight and movement!", Set in 2010 at Djakovo Museum, town where I live, and a month later in Gallery "Zvonimir" in Zagreb,capital of Croatia.
This was for me and still is a very personal exhibition. It is autobiographical. In addition to 40 female wall reliefs, I've also made digital editing of the same women's torso relief in Photoshop and put on a CD as an add-on to the catalog. That was an exhibition it the exhibition. Technically complex exhibition, I worked for a year.

Although I was referring to the ecology and ecological catastrophe of the Planet, which is in the concept of the exhibition, I show that on various patterns in paper mache and experimental techniques in female torso, the greatest inspiration of this exhibition was the personal experience that marked my life. The torso symbolically represents my stiff body watching the life around myself. The author of the catalog's preface was against mentioning a serious illness due to two professional illnesses and several cardinal doctoral mistakes, and the professional public was not polite about my health problem, so I was silent about my reality. But illness have defined art for lots of artists. Frida Kahlo is the most famous example. The disease is not shame, it is not chosen, it happens without consent. I was shocked by the lack of empathy of society. The empathy is only shown in public humatin projects but in personal encounters and communications people are often the mostly - cruel! Nor are artists perceived in the writing of the law as a professional illness, as it is recognized in all other professions, and doctors are not sanctioned for cardinal mistakes that have destroyed my health. I have the right to work as I'm completely healthy, but I'm not. I do not have any benefits. Fortunately, I have a strong spirit so I've managed to organize my life and work, and my studio is in the house so I do not have to travel to work. We know we do not live in a legal state. My illness is registered as a common illness, not professional, and all the tests in the KBC OS went wrong and after 13 months of the search they told me that Osijek hospital is small for my case, that my search I must continued in Zagreb, capital of Croatia where there was a bigger flow of different professionals and more people`s. In all outpatient papers, the doctors were contradictory in the diagnosis, but they were agree only in one position - I have to live a sparse regime. I was left without a complete diagnosis and without a conclusion how to treat my illness. With my diagnosis it is impossible to travel from Djakovo - Zagreb - Djakovo 500 km, so I began reading medical books and exploring methods of alternative medicine treatment. I've been my own doctor since 2005 although I have diploma from Textile and Fashion Design . Because of allergy to cobalt that is a professional illness due to textile dyeing, I have allergies to all pills because cobalt is in the traces in all pills. That's why all the pains and discomforts I live without pills, because if I use them I would risk anaphylactic shock - heart failure, I do not want that. Incorrigible are the effects on my spine and the respiratory system, and allergy to cobalt is an allergy that leads to death. I've even lost my work ability for a few years, while pain has led me to the brink of loss of consciousness. My body occasionally fails. I'm aware of my spirit that I exist but I do not feel the body. The feeling is very uncomfortable. The radius of my motion is getting smaller. Last year in 2018, I was only getting to the city once by formal duty, and I went to the nearby shops twice. Each time the return to home was very painful with severe discomforts, I walked only 30-40 minutes in total. In 2010 I was last time outside of Djakovo, at this independent exhibition in Zagreb. On the day of the exhibition opened, my body had collapsed. Travel to Zagreb and the arrange exhibition were enough to kick my spine. Fortunately, the friends I stayed are knew how to help me with that situation. I'm endlessly grateful to them, you know who you are <3

If you think that life is difficult, be happy if your body is healthy and functional. This torso symbolically represents my stiff body that looks at life around, or more precisely - I watch life virtually :)

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