Tuesday, August 11, 2020

WIRE IN TIME, small sculpture

 A wire like lightning passes through a cloud. All substances abstractly imitate reality with colors and tactility. Black is a strong non-color to express all expressions. The absence of colors is noticeable. This is how our Planet looks like right now. I only recorded the consequences with my art. I recorded the consequences of the exploitation of the modern man of this Planet and the necessity for change. 

The wire is rusted found object. It could have been a waste, but I extended its meaning of his existence. Wood is waste from some wood workshop. Ecology is always exist in my work.

In the middle of resin square is rusted wire. Around of wire I was make texture by grinding and with small torch to make effect of lightning.

Black geometric ornament is solid wood burned on front side to make texture. That burned part is covered with resin to be stabile surface. All sculpture is on resin square with 4 resin legs. Looks like she floating because legs arenot visible. Interesting effect!

AVAILABLE in my web shop in Saatchi Gallery:


WIRE IN TIME, small sculpture, front view


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