Saturday, May 24, 2014

FLOOD IN MY COUNTRY EAST CROATIA...BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA...SERBIA part of Europe looks like this today...big flood in my country ...east Slavonia...Bosnia and Herzegovina...Serbia...please watch this and can help too with small donation.....too sad...

Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Nakon dugo vremena konačno sam našla emajl boje da bi moj nakit bio šaren i spreman za proljeće i ljeto. Ovo je vrući emajl, apliciran je plamenikom, trajna boja ... uživajte u veselim bojama!!!!

After long time final I find enamel colors to make my jewelry colorful and ready for spring and summer time. They are hot enameled, applied with torch, durable colors...enjoy in happy colors!!!!!!!!!!

WOMEN NECKLACE - Vesna Kolobaric

WOMEN NECKLACE All unique and handmade by me in my small studio in Đakovo, Croatia, Europe, Planet Earth.  UNIQUE women necklace from 2004-2...