Wednesday, August 22, 2012

MREŽASTE NAUŠNICE - mesh earrings


All earrings are unique...made in silver with black patina.
Earrings have symmetrical asymmetrical composition with same visual elements. The relief mesh is my trademark, a distinctive way of processing this motif is present on most of my jewelry. I love it because meshes relief gives a dose of mystics in the play of light and shadow. Black patina gradually disappears from one part and stays clean silver.
Intensity of light change light reflection of net and surface.
Net inspiring me as a matter of twine ... give a dose of mysticism ... secret ... her parallels and meridians are a little distorted because the World in which we live is not perfect, everything is slightly moved...the scale values ​​of human relations and the meaning of life are a little displaced...urrent events of our society and the Planet I transfer to my work and tell silent stories ... no voice ... only visual art!

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