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solo exhibition", 2010.,„…about wind, flying and movement!“

My solo exhibition from 2010. now is on You Tube - finally :) „…about wind, flying and movement!“. Female wall relief with digital art on the background.

Finally I put on You Tube art works of an solo exhibition "... about wind, flight and movement!", Set in 2010 at Djakovo Museum, town where I live, and a month later in Gallery "Zvonimir" in Zagreb,capital of Croatia. This was for me and still is a very personal exhibition. It is autobiographical. In addition to 40 female wall reliefs, I've also made digital editing of the same women's torso relief in Photoshop and put on a CD as an add-on to the catalog. That was an exhibition it the exhibition. Technically complex exhibition, I worked for a year.
Although I was referring to the ecology and ecological catastrophe of the Planet, which is in the concept of the exhibition, I show that on various patterns in paper mache and experimental techniques in female torso, the greatest inspiration of …