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The rings are enameled on aticlastic shaped ring and is very comfortable for wearing. 
Pattern dots is inspired with breed dalmatian dog. .The famous dot-spots of the Dalmatian dogs, no other purebred breed has such a unique point mark. The breed was named according to the Croatian province of Dalmatia, which is believed to be the original place of the Dalmatian dog.
 Enamel color is hot enamel applied with torch, this is durable and permanent color. 
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shaped and polished, ready for application of enamel paint
enamel color is dry and ready for enamel process with torch
 Enamel the ring with torch in process. In one hand with the torch I work small circles inside the ring and in the other I keep the camera still. A good exercise for the coordination of hands.
Process with hot enamel is finished, now is necessary to clean and polish copper inside of the ring. 
They are all clean, colorful and shine and ready for new owner :)

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