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HOLE in the EARTH unique silver geometrical oxidized ring with copper and black patina
Unique silver oxidized ring, granulated jewelry, only one, without repetition.

The ring it shaped like a sculpture and he change shape from every point of view.Geometric rhythm of the ring has been partially painted with black patina. He is rich with detail over the entire surface ...It`s look like modern paint or more like a sculpture. I am inspired by the Universe itself and the creation of the Planet as a whole of this cycle of jewelry.

Experimental technique with 6 layers of silver and copper, simple version of Mokume gane to show layers of the Earth in big hole what are formed on all over of our Planet.

Size is universal, the ring does not closed and he adjusts to any size. In this way wearing is more comfortable, prevents the clamping finger and blood circulation.

- height: 2,8cm ( 1.1 inch)
- inner diameter: 1,7 cm (0,7 inch) - US  minimum 7,25 (fell free to ask if yo…