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BROOCH (with story) - electroforming fabric mesh with LOS patina


BROOCH (with story) - electroforming fabric mesh with LOS patina
In the past, something bad happened with my cervical spine, one reason is big mistake of a doctor and another reason is occupational disease due to long-term position of the body in a non-physiologic position of the body in the time when I was work as textile artist. The consequences are lifelong, pain constantly, I work very hard in pain all the time. I constantly research techniques that are not physically demanding, this is why my creativity is so diverse. I have just discovered the electroformnig of jewelry as a technique. I hope that I will be able to work with less pain - my joy is endless :)

BROŠ (sa pričom) - elektrooblikovana mreža od tkanine s LOS patinom

U prošlosti se dogodilo nešto loše s mojom vratnom kralježnicom, jedan od razloga je velika pogreška liječnika, a drugi razlog je profesionalna bolest zbog dugotrajnog položaja tijela u nefiziološkom položaju tijela u …