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During studying I had an inspiration with the Universe. I graduated from the theme "The elements of Gothic architecture in textile and fashion". Always with text I elaborate all my inspiration. The Universe and Gothic have mystical elements in themselves. After the scholastic period, in the Gothic period science is trying to explain many of the themes in the spirit of their time,  art have big progress that has manifested also in architecture. It is interesting to study how science and religion affect the visual identity of time. Gothic is characterized by a "horror vacui" - a fear of empty space that can be explained as a richness of spirit . From this become all my inspiration - the richness of spirit! The richness of spirit leads me through life, it is the essence of life. I've done a lot of topics and cycles, commenting with my art works of current social theme, without words, just colors and composition and tactility. That is a challenge. Ecology is alway…

"National Heritage - LACE"

 Sculptural shaped brooch and ring for a group exhibition ULUPUH "National Heritage - LACE"  opening 18.07.2017. at 19 pm ULUPUH Gallery, Tkalčićeva 14. ULUPUH means: the Association of Artists of Applied Arts of Croatia Exhibition curator: Ivana Bakal The exhibition will be open until 28.07.2017. cotton lace, copper, sterling silver, oak, threads, colors SHORT CONCEPT: "TRACES OF WHITENESS" -The characteristic white lace Slavonian I "conserved" in copper with electroforming technique for eternal life. The white color is present only in trace as an association on the authenticity of white which is with oak completes the traditional story about lace artifacts kept in chests.

Skulptorski oblikovan prsten za skupnu izložbu ULUPUH-a "Nacionalna baština - ČIPKA"  otvorenje 18.07.2017. u 19 sati Galerija ULUPUH, Tkalčićeva 14. ULUPUH znači: Udruženje Likovnih Umjetnika Primijenjenih Umjetnosti Hrvatske  Kustosica izložbe: Ivana Bakal  Izložba će biti otv…

UNIVERSE as inspiration

This is custom order PENDANT (sterling silver, copper, brass, patina) for one interesting man. He is pilot, my inspiration is Universe. Clouds, altitudes and the Universe fascinate us. This pendant will definitely have a good owner. He asked me to make a pendant in the dimensions that he like and suggested the combination of details from my two pendants that was in my shop. This was an interesting collaboration, thank you Mr. W for nice cooperation and communication :) 

Ovo je PRIVJESAK (srebro, bakar, mesing, patina) po narudžbi za jednog zanimljivog kupca. On je pilot, moja inspiracija je Svemir. Oblaci, visine i svemir fasciniraju nas. Ovaj privjesak zasigurno će imati dobrog vlasnika. Zamolio me da napravim privjesak u dimenzijama koje mu odgovaraju i predložio kombinaciju detalja sa dva privjeska koji su bili u mojoj trgovini. Ovo je bila zanimljiva suradnja, hvala g. W. za zanimljivu suradnju i razgovor :)

Pendant in progre…